Vested Interests


Not long ago, I had a conversation with a young woman about her concern for the direction America and the West are heading. She expressed deep anxiety about immigration, crime, media bias, black-on-white crime, and the world in which her children are growing up.

As we were concluding the conversation, she said, “I guess we just need to pray harder.” I remained silent. She apparently felt the need to fill the silence, and added, “I’m pretty sure lots of people at my church share my beliefs.”

“Pretty sure?” I said. “Have you never discussed any of this with any of your fellow church members?”

She shrugged and offered a thin smile. “Well, not in so many words.”

“And your pastor has never preached about any of these things that worry you?”

She frowned. “Well….um. Well, I mean, he’s preached on the Christian response to violence.”

“Let me guess. Turn the other cheek?”

“Well, he said more than just that, but that was pretty much the emphasis, yes.”

My turn to shrug. I said, “He hasn’t preached about it because he has no answers for these concerns. He’s an impotent, broken record. Otherwise, he would make these obvious daily life problems a priority. At least in the ‘application’ part of her sermons.”

She nodded. “Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Y’know, I need to talk to him about these things.” She said bye and walked away.

Talking to a pastor or any leader/authority figure in the organized church about practical solutions to the problems our people face is akin to going to a bank manager and asking if he thinks usury is harmful to a nation.

“Why, not at all! And while you’re here, would you like to sign up for a home equity loan? You get a free cellphone case just for applying!”

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