Parasite Priorities


Life under these skies continues to reek.. It’s not a rat race. It’s a squirming, roiling, seething, stinking, fetid pit of scaly creatures with cold blood and small brains, biting at each other in the rank dark, twitching and slithering over each other in the attempt to reach the pit’s rim. And attached to or feeding within the pit’s denizens are parasites, small, base creatures who contribute nothing and feed upon the nourishing life blood of the poor pit-creatures very life-force.

Let’s dip a net into the pit and see what we come up with. Ah, here’s a little twelve year-old white boy who gets sucker-punched in the back of the head by an African teenager, sustaining brutal injuries, not the least of which is the psychological and spiritual scars this attack will leave. But the poor little fellow has no one in the media to champion him….had YOU heard about the attack until I mentioned it? The mulatto-in-chief in Washington sure as hell hasn’t grunted a single sympathetic syllable about it.

What else? Hmm…the Marine Corps, in its headlong rush to collectively castrate itself as quickly as possible, has decided that the suffix “man” in job titles is all oogy and hateful and nonprogressive. So say goodbye to the infantryman…

Oh, and speaking of the military, did you know that the Secretary of Defense said today in his official ending of the ban on mentally-ill freaks (“transgenders?”) serving openly in the armed services, “The Pentagon needs access to 100% of the population” in order to staff the military’s murderous war adventures? Think about that for a moment. Do you understand the meaning of 100% of the population? He’s not just talking about the above-mentioned freaks. He’s talking about your children. Maybe even your grandparents. I’m sure the military of tomorrow will have all kinds of uses for tots and geezers. Bayonet dummies, perhaps. Or chemical warfare test subjects. They are openly demanding access to you and to your family. Do you not see this?

And of course, there’s the happy news that the largest “conservative” denomination in the Presbyterian world pissed away their annual General Assembly in prostrating themselves before the likes of Nat Turner and Anthony Bradley and decided to fully and officially repent of the “sins” their fathers committed in refusing to marry their daughters to Ubangis and barring the stuporous-eyed ancestors of LeBron James from being elders to rule over their congregations.

Let’s back up and ponder this in the light of the other recent happenings I mentioned here. We’ve got children being brutalized by quasi-animals and not a peep is heard from the pastors and the evangelists. We have circus freaks sashaying around in the uniforms of the force that is supposed to defend these shores if the deadly-serious folks in other lands decide to land here and start kicking ass, but the church boys are not exactly fighting each other for the microphone. Criminal vermin are streaming across our borders like roaches in a Gary, Indiana whorehouse and the seminary crowd not only have no criticism…they encourage their flocks to welcome, embrace, adopt, and marry these Christ-hating detritus. But they’ve got the time, the energy, and the motivation to lisp their mea culpas to any fool who’ll listen about how soooooorrrrry they are about their hateful, mean, narrow-minded, bigoted old great-grandfathers, none of whom can hold a candle to whatever porch monkey preacher they’re admiring this week. Even the Southern Baptists have cucked themselves silly in their attempts to distance themselves from anything their own forebears might have recognized and approved of.

What’s really funny is that these preachers and teachers and elders and deacons are getting ready to reap the wild wind. They seem incapable of grasping the simple fact that their convenient distortion of Galatians 3:28 (their favorite verse to stab at fathers who want their own grandchildren to look like them) leads directly to the chick-with-a-dick standing next to their six year-old daughter in the public restroom. All of these evil and asinine things the church has led the way on (interracial relationships, the feminist imperative, being more tolerant of faggots) are coming home to roost, and the guano is piling up fast.

But there’s no danger of anything really bad happening as long as we have Dedicated Men of God fighting for us. Re-read that article about the Presbyterians and pay attention to some of the names. Lane Keister and Reed DePace are just two of the many parasites who are heaping judgment on themselves every time they open their mouths. These little gut-sacks have never done an honest day’s work in their lives. They suck tithes out of the working men who sit obediently in their pews, they strut around like bantam roosters, lording it over entire families with no qualification nor authority to do so except a seminary education (a master’s degree instantly and automatically confers wisdom???) and then they whine when people dare to disagree with them. They bleat about how hard their lives are and how challenging their “ministry” is and what a rough year they had while they were playing their baby grand piano and eating enough tithe-subsidized food to turn them into the sallow, waxy doughboys that make any normal man want to punch their fucking faces in. I mean, look at these boys:


This one looks like the ringside announcer at a gay wrestling match, and he’s going to devote his church member-funded time to writing up a nice paper on the howwible racial problems the white people have caused in the PCA. [By the way, I like the sign. “Cell Phones OFF! Unless you’re taking my photo with one! Tee-hee!”]

How nice to have the luxury of time to pursue one’s full-time hobby of reading books and jerking off in a boring, completely worthless academic paper. And how nice to get away with this, year after year, without one or two of the men in your congregation wising up, confronting you, and whipping the dog shit out of you in the driveway of the McMansion that their sweat paid for.

And this one….well, sweet Gary Busey in a sidecar.


If Paul McCartney wasn’t the Walrus, I know who is. If you don’t know who represents the Lollipop Guild, just look at that pic. Keister continues to astound the masculine collective with his willingness to post (or allow to be posted) photos of him on the internet that pretty much guarantee long gales of derisive laughter. Just a nanosecond’s glance at this photo brings up two questions. One, is this boy’s congregation eating as well as he is?  ‘Cos that particular temple of the Holy Spirit has had some extra wings added on. And two, if he had lived 2000 years ago and was asked by some toga-wearing dipshit to sing the Hail Caesar Hootenanny down at the Coliseum, would Keister have agreed to it? I mean, he’s singing the official government anthem of an empire that has openly declared and demonstrated its absolute hatred for everything Keister and his buddies claim to stand for….so why would he sing that shit? And why wouldn’t he at least get into a slap-fight with the guy who snapped this photo?

I look at photos like this, and I contemplate these parasites, these lazy, worthless, workless worms  and I want to puke on my boots. They live like kings on the backs of people who are the spiritual equivalent of those poor people who buy a lottery ticket every week….the poor folks just want a break, and they look to these guys to pay off. But they never do. All they do is take, take, take. Set themselves up like lords in their fine houses.None of them has any poor friends. None of them has ever spent a night tossing in the bed, not knowing how they were going to feed their children or pay the light bill the next day. Not one of them has ever said to a lawless punk, “Say one more filthy word in the presence of my wife, and I’ll send you to the hospital, right here, right now.” No, they talk and write bullshit. Their lives are bullshit. They lie to their congregations, and in turn make those poor folks’ spiritual lives bullshit.

Repent? For what their great-grandfathers once believed? They’d better repent of who and what they are, because it is wicked and obscene and vile. And they will answer for it from the One for Whom they claim to speak.

For me, I say to hell with the lot of them. And I say to all of you, leave the organized church. You do not need it.

~ Kirk