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Lots of folks believe lots of weird stuff these days. In a relatively brief time span, it’s possible to have conversations with people about the Deep State, about spirit cooking, about pizza-related pedophile rings, about the truth of 9/11, about Qanon, about Bigfoot, about the Holocaust Industry, about UFOs, about flat-earth theory….about lots of weird stuff.

People like to believe in conspiracies. Why do you suppose this is?

Because they’re ignorant? Losers? Uneducated inbred hillbillies? Mentally deficient? Drama queens?

Perhaps. But I believe people embrace conspiracy theories for two main reasons:

One, people have a need to believe that they might know something that no one else  — or few others —  knows. Esoteric knowledge, etc.

And two, people know they’re being lied to.

We can watch one news cycle and come back the next day and watch one news cycle and immediately see that the term “fake news” is not merely a trendy label, but a hard fact. There is almost no truth or real news coming out of the mainstream media, and what little bit there might be is heavily colored with leftist propaganda.

Knowing that we’re being lied to means that some of us use this kind of mental pathway: “Since I know the media lies, and the media is on the climate change bandwagon, it’s safe to conclude that climate change is a lie.” Ok, fair enough…how about this one:

“I know the media lied about 9/11, so the truth must be that the Clintons (or the Bilderbergs, or Sarah Silverman’s family) were behind it.”


“I know that professional educators, with the Darwinism and Marxism and atheism, lie out of both sides of their mouth. And these are the same people who taught me that the earth is a globe. So someone is concealing the fact that the earth is flat.”


So you see what I mean? The comprehensive dishonesty of life today in every sphere makes us doubt everything.


Some people can never, ever bring themselves to doubt anything about what they were taught in church about God, about life, about the universe, about our final destinations. But there is a small number, perhaps growing, who are asking questions. And the paid cadre of pastors/priests/pulpiteers don’t like these questions. They don’t even like questions period, much less the kinds of questions people are starting to ask these days.

I’ve heard and corresponded with people — mature people, mind you, not bored, angst-ridden children — who are beginning to ask questions that just a few years ago would have been considered unforgivably sinful in and of themselves. Questions like “What if we’ve been lied to about God? What if God isn’t like what we’ve been taught? What if the bible isn’t what we thought it was? What if we’ve been wasting our time doing it the official church way?”

These questions lead to speculation. And such speculation can lead to theories.

Is this a bad thing?

No, I don’t think it is. Because the one thing I do believe is that there is a God, and that He loves His children. If I’m right about this article of personal faith, I cannot fathom how this God, this Father, would condemn and torture one of His children for asking honest questions, questions that stem from noticing the whirlwind of lies and deception sucking up all facts and opinions today.

Friends, never let someone convince you that there are forbidden questions, or forbidden books, or forbidden ideas. If the bible is true at all, then God’s children have His spirit within them, and His spirit helps them and guides them. This is no guarantee they won’t make mistakes (perhaps huge ones), but it is a guarantee that they are His children, and that ultimately it’s going to be okay.

Cultivate holy boldness within yourself. Do not listen to those who are making money from the God Business. Be about your own business….it’s the wise path.

~ Kirk

Men Who Grin

Kavanaugh grinning
The little bit of the Kavanaugh SCOTUS mess I’ve seen has served to reinforce my refusal to expose myself to more than about a minute of news per day.
One thing I’ve noticed about Mr. Kavanaugh is his flaccid body language and overall presence.  In the footage the fake news media runs, he enters the room with a Jimmy Carter grin on his face, head slightly ducked in deference to his betters, oozing bland nonthreatningness out of every pore. The very sight repulses me, and I want to shout at him, “Stand up straight! Wipe that fucking goony grin off your face! Act like you’ve got a pair! These shitbirds hate you…they are not your friends, and they never will be! Stop trying to win them over! They’re more than willing to burn you down for the sake a some pussy hat-wearing SJW loonyball slut, and that’s the REPUBLICANS in the room! Be a man…if you go down in flames, at least you can have some pride!” But of course, I have no opportunity to say such things to this man. And besides, he has enough people bellowing at him these days.
It annoys me that he and other men who are subject to Alinsky’s “point and shriek” tactic don’t simply be manly and say, “Are you honestly asking me if I grabbed some teenage girl’s tits when I was a horny teenager? Look, I grabbed so many, I could NEVER remember all of ’em. That’s what normal boys DID in the Seventies. Hell, if all of ’em came forward at once, we’d have to hold this hearing in Camden Yards.” Such a response would shut a lot of shrill, sanctimonious mouths. But no….let’s play the gentleman. Let’s lose nobly. It’s what “conservatives” do so well.
Perhaps the reason Mr. Kavanaugh elicits such a response from me is because the whole scene reminds me of how grown men act in the presence of a pastor or theologian.
I’ve known accomplished men, hard men, men who own their own businesses, dangerous businesses like tree trimmers and firemen and warriors, who will grin and duck their heads when some seminary boy lectures them about “godly behavior” or “obligations to vows” or things like this.  It’s that toxic, toxic belief that these preening little parasites who stand in the pulpits have some special Batphone to God, and that they truly speak for Him, and that their words are as infallible as the bible they claim to believe without reservation.
There truly exists a slave mentality, and it is pervasive in today’s Christianity. Perhaps it was always so. But these days, it is as overt and as obvious as the fake eyelashes on a drag queen reading to your children at the public library.
~ Kirk

If I don’t toot it….


I keep forgetting to thump my chest a bit and point out that Matt Forney’s Terror House Magazine has published one of my short stories. You can read it here.

And I was quite gratified to learn that it was last month’s third most-popular story.

And if you’re into poetry (if you’re sneering, you’re ignorant of the Vikings and the samurai, for starters), you might look at this excellent site. Which, by the way, just happens to have published one of my humble efforts.

Iron and silk, right?

~ Kirk

The Shaking of the Fist


Even at this mile-marker in my sojourn, I find myself angry at God at times.

Well, not so much angry at Him as angry at the many lies and errors I once believed about Him, lies and errors told to me by men. Some of the men were sincere and well-meaning. Many of them were bloodless eggheads who really don’t believe in anything except a well-constructed syllogism.

This morning I was preparing to rage at Him yet once again when I brought myself up short. Why shake my fist at Him and yell at Him for not being what He never claimed to be in the first place?

I was taught early and regularly that He is 100%, completely, fully sovereign, omnipotent, omnipresence, omniscient. I remember reading a Puritan’s writings in which the author claimed that even the path of the dust mote in a sunbeam is decreed by God. This gave me some thin, abstract comfort back then, but after years of thinking about it, I realized that if He really is all-knowing in the way that many Christians teach, then the fashionable college atheists must be right: He is a sadistic monster. He programmed a creation with no free will and yet holds the creation accountable for things they can’t control anyway, including “loving” Him.

If He’s really completely sovereign and knows everything — past, present, and future — then we are all like little robots who have been wired to do what we do….and yet He’s going to cast us into unending torment for not doing what He never wired us to do in the first place. Yes, I know this has been debated and answered through the centuries, but frankly, debates don’t mean jack shit to me unless they become immediate and personal to me. And this topic most certainly has become that.

I have come to reject this idea, because I do believe in God and I do not believe He is a sadistic monster. I believe that if we love Him and try to please Him, it has to fucking mean something. And it can’t mean anything unless we have the option of NOT loving Him or trying to please (or at least know) Him. I have come to believe, through my own experience and intuition, that He is incredibly powerful and wise, but that He does not and CAN not know everything. I think He is a parent….much wiser and stronger by leaps and bounds than His children, but He brings them into the world and then steps back and watches them develop.

And He probably drinks Himself to sleep when He looks at how some of us — like me — have turned out.

So here I am, cruising down the road to work this morning, and I was about to rage at Him about something that happened at work that makes no sense and that is so incredibly unjust and…..I caught myself.

Many times at work, clients have jumped all over me about things that were not my fault. They may have even been aware of my nonculpability in the matter, but they just had to vent. Understandable, I guess….but not pleasant when I’m the one on the receiving end.

And this morning, it occurred to me that I am putting God in the same seat. I’m raging at Him about things that are not His fault. I’m beating up on Him for not being the God fallible men say He is, based on their own desires and presuppositions and worldviews.

At such times, I have to step back and ask myself what I really, REALLY  believe. And when I do this, I have to go away and be alone for a little while, if only fifteen minutes. I have to think my thoughts and clear the dust and do a bit of mental and spiritual tidying-up. And then I am clearer.

Instead of following some elusive phantom like “glorifying God” or “being obedient to His will,” you might try simply having an honest conversation with yourself about what you believe and WHY you believe it. Then  — if you reach conclusions similar to mine — you might try saying, “I’m sorry, Father. I’ll try not to accuse you unfairly any more.” And then go about living out the day.

~ Kirk

Do Not Return To What You Were

hand to the plow

When a man begins to think for himself, he must post sentries against the fret or fear of what others will think of him, how they will evaluate his alarming new ideas, how they will cast former words and deeds into his teeth.

If he allows such fears to breach the perimeter, he is lost. He may think he will return to being what he was, but he will in fact already be dead, shot as a traitor by those who judged him and dragged him back their their mean little circle.

When you look at the corporate church with its paid parasite pastors and its de facto female leadership and its embrace of the very things men of old hated and rejected, you will frown. But others will notice your frown, and they will try to frighten you into thinking that you are in danger, that you must be a good fellow and not take things to extremes. Just as conservatives do not conserve anything and doctors do not heal and police officers do not protect the citizenry, so it is that the corporate church does not save.

It does, however, have a first-rate cadre of dog catchers who will put the net on you before you even see it coming. They will approach you with “concern” and “love” and they will convince you that your very thoughts are rebellious. Their words will weave the net and…you’ll turn back to their ways.


Unless you can do the nearly impossible thing. The nearly impossible thing is turning away forever from play-acting, and turning to walking your own path in honesty and righteousness and truth, led by the Spirit your Father has already promised is within you even now, as is the Kingdom. You do not need to work to achieve or build His Kingdom — He has said that it is His good pleasure to give it to you.

You do not need these men and their assistants. You do not need them. They mock you for being masculine and especially because you reject their definition of manliness. They whisper poison into your wives’ ears. They are already telling you that it is the essence of iniquity to deny the aliens your daughters. And they will soon be telling you that you are wicked if you do not accept the faggots and even the pedophiles. Look at their track record in the 20th century; they are a vile collection of hirelings and whores. While you go to work and labor over greasy engines or engineering problems or unruly students, they sit in climate-controlled rooms and read books and eat up entire weeks in the preparation of a couple of torturous pep talks.

And you fear that they have some secret knowledge, some wisdom that you cannot attain?

Think for yourself. Turn from the hirelings. If the Father Who made all these things and breathed life into your lungs will throw you into a pit of fire for all eternity with no hope of reprieve because you refused to kowtow to a perfumed posse of ecclesiastical nancyboys, well…..perhaps the Odinists are right after all.

Think for yourself. This is not a game. We have to get good at this.

~ Kirk



Paralyzed By Fear

dore neophyte

Dear soul, you who have sat in pews and knelt before altars and lifted hymns to the skies and listened in obedience to the men who stand on the dais before you…don’t you ever tire of being shackled by your fear?

I know your fear, because I have sat in the same dingy dungeon. Your fear is that you will do something wrong, that you will displease God, that you will damn yourself, that you will go off the rails and careen into the lake of fire…if you are not vigilant and pious and obedient.

Vigilant and pious and obedient by the standards of the men who rule over you, that is.

Dear soul, what is it that makes you attend so closely to the strutting words on Sunday morning, and yet ignore the plain teachings out of the same book you revere?

Do you not know that God has promised that His children have His Spirit within them, and that they need no man to teach them?

Have you never seen the New Covenant, that majestic declaration that tells you Christ did away with the old, and that now you are His, and that there is no need to say “Know the Lord!” because His laws are written on your heart?

Have you  never heard the words of Christ Jesus for yourself, unfiltered through the hired mouth of a pastor or theologian?

Are you not weary of this game? Don’t you desire freedom and peace and, yes, righteousness?

The corporate church is thoroughly, completely corrupt. There are some who serve her who are well-intentioned, but they are still wrong. They are leading you to waste precious time and effort.

Turn away from the structures of man and turn to the Ever-Living God. If I am wrong, if you do something wrong….what will happen? Will He cast you into a burning pit for all eternity with no hope of recourse because you did not follow the dictates of men who are following the dictates of men who followed the dictates of men who….? Do you really believe this, dear soul?

This fear is toxic and wrong. Turn from it. Turn to the One Who knows.

~ Kirk

Vile Weakness

Ken likes to tell jokes.

Ken laughs at jokes, too.


Ken tells and enjoys jokes about all sorts of groups, including Christians. Tell a good Catholic or Baptist joke in his presence, and Ken will laugh long and hard.

Tell him a joke with the slightest racial overtone, however, and he remains stone-faced and silent. Same with jokes about jews or muslims.

Ken is a good Christian.

Don’t let your sons grow up to be like Ken.

~ Kirk

Rotten Chestnuts


Our lives are impoverished enough. To reverse the trend, become a regular reader of Rotten Chestnuts.

I just recently found this blog and have been immersed in the archives. I highly recommend you spend some careful time over there. Pay attention to posts like this one. No shortage of original, useful ideas from Severian. Prepare to have your thoughts provoked.

And buy the damn hat. You can do without Starbucks for a couple of weeks. Let’s make some people nervous.

~ Kirk