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Lots of folks believe lots of weird stuff these days. In a relatively brief time span, it’s possible to have conversations with people about the Deep State, about spirit cooking, about pizza-related pedophile rings, about the truth of 9/11, about Qanon, about Bigfoot, about the Holocaust Industry, about UFOs, about flat-earth theory….about lots of weird stuff.

People like to believe in conspiracies. Why do you suppose this is?

Because they’re ignorant? Losers? Uneducated inbred hillbillies? Mentally deficient? Drama queens?

Perhaps. But I believe people embrace conspiracy theories for two main reasons:

One, people have a need to believe that they might know something that no one else  — or few others —  knows. Esoteric knowledge, etc.

And two, people know they’re being lied to.

We can watch one news cycle and come back the next day and watch one news cycle and immediately see that the term “fake news” is not merely a trendy label, but a hard fact. There is almost no truth or real news coming out of the mainstream media, and what little bit there might be is heavily colored with leftist propaganda.

Knowing that we’re being lied to means that some of us use this kind of mental pathway: “Since I know the media lies, and the media is on the climate change bandwagon, it’s safe to conclude that climate change is a lie.” Ok, fair enough…how about this one:

“I know the media lied about 9/11, so the truth must be that the Clintons (or the Bilderbergs, or Sarah Silverman’s family) were behind it.”


“I know that professional educators, with the Darwinism and Marxism and atheism, lie out of both sides of their mouth. And these are the same people who taught me that the earth is a globe. So someone is concealing the fact that the earth is flat.”


So you see what I mean? The comprehensive dishonesty of life today in every sphere makes us doubt everything.


Some people can never, ever bring themselves to doubt anything about what they were taught in church about God, about life, about the universe, about our final destinations. But there is a small number, perhaps growing, who are asking questions. And the paid cadre of pastors/priests/pulpiteers don’t like these questions. They don’t even like questions period, much less the kinds of questions people are starting to ask these days.

I’ve heard and corresponded with people — mature people, mind you, not bored, angst-ridden children — who are beginning to ask questions that just a few years ago would have been considered unforgivably sinful in and of themselves. Questions like “What if we’ve been lied to about God? What if God isn’t like what we’ve been taught? What if the bible isn’t what we thought it was? What if we’ve been wasting our time doing it the official church way?”

These questions lead to speculation. And such speculation can lead to theories.

Is this a bad thing?

No, I don’t think it is. Because the one thing I do believe is that there is a God, and that He loves His children. If I’m right about this article of personal faith, I cannot fathom how this God, this Father, would condemn and torture one of His children for asking honest questions, questions that stem from noticing the whirlwind of lies and deception sucking up all facts and opinions today.

Friends, never let someone convince you that there are forbidden questions, or forbidden books, or forbidden ideas. If the bible is true at all, then God’s children have His spirit within them, and His spirit helps them and guides them. This is no guarantee they won’t make mistakes (perhaps huge ones), but it is a guarantee that they are His children, and that ultimately it’s going to be okay.

Cultivate holy boldness within yourself. Do not listen to those who are making money from the God Business. Be about your own business….it’s the wise path.

~ Kirk

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