Thank you, Z-Man Readers!

A humble “thank you” to the readers of the Z-Man’s excellent blog who emailed me recently and sent messages via Gab.

A frequent (and by “frequent” I mean nauseatingly obsessive) commenter over at Z-Man took issue with a perfectly sane and rational comment I left there recently. His barbs aimed at me started off rude and ended up juvenile. I made one reply to him and left the sand box to the little boy in short britches.

I was surprised over the last two days to receive the aforementioned emails and messages from regular Z-Man readers. Every single one of them agreed with my comment AND supported my private assessment of this particular comment as a boor and a bore.  “He hijacks every single thread. Every single time,” wrote one. “I have lerned [sic] to scroll past anything [the commenter] writes because it’s almost never helpful.” Another told me, “This guy is just venom and snark….no depth…I don’t know why Z-Man tolerates it….if anyone is begging to be banned it’s [the commenter-.”

Yes, and see, that’s why I rarely comment on blogs unless the post was particularly outstanding OR, as is so often the case at Severian’s Rotten Chestnuts blog, particularly devastating in its hilarity and keen wit. I don’t ever want to be tedious, especially on someone else’s blog. The guy in question — and any regular Z-Man reader will easily recognize who we’re talking about — is petty and obnoxious, and he detracts in every way from that fine website.  But Z-Man knows what he’s doing, and for the time being, we have to suffer (and scroll past) the clown’s inane keyboard rantings.

So again, thank you to those who contacted me. I’m gratified and honored that some of you have become regular readers at this ramshackle little exit ramp. Cheers, my friends!

~ Kirk

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