That Which Is Allowed


Ah, the midterm elections….

Someone once said to me, “If voting made any real difference at all, the wicked ones who are in power would never, ever allow us to vote.” I suspect he had a point.

Jaded as I am, I still allowed myself to get caught up in the desire to see Hillary Clinton defeated and humiliated. I went to bed on Election Night believing that Mr. Trump had lost the election, and I awoke the next morning awash in dread. I can still remember how it felt to learn that Donald J. Trump would be my next President, and that the ugly hag had been cast down.

But in the two years since then, I have regularly chastised myself for allowing myself to hope. Bombings in Syria, the Wall not built, praising the perfidious Jews constantly, the Wall not built, physical attacks on those on the Right and the Alt-Right unanswered, the Wall not built, the Muller masquerade dragging on and on, the Wall not built, the disgrace of what was done to Justice Kavanaugh and not a soul prosecuted or even indicted, the Wall not built, the swamp undrained, the Wall not built, Clinton and Comey and so many others still not indicted, the Wall not built, let’s move the capital of the place they call Israel to Jerusalem, but let’s not build the Wall. Oh, and let’s not forget the caravan. The caravan that’s moving inexorably north towards our wall-less southern border. Lots of tough talk about telling the troops to consider rock-throwers as equivalent to rifle-aimers….but….Mr. Trump also said we’re building tent cities for the invaders. Tent cities on our soil. This means he’s already decided to let them cross the border onto our soil. And we’re to believe that they won’t be staying?

No, sorry. I don’t think I want to get fooled again. There is no wall. There will be no stopping the caravan of invaders. The words are just words. They mean nothing. I won’t watch or listen to the midterm election results. I simply don’t care anymore.

But hell’s bells….just look at me digressing! Someone once said to me, “If voting made any real difference at all, the wicked ones who are in power would never, ever allow us to vote.” And you know what that reminds me of? It reminds me of something a friend of mine said to me today. He said, “If the Bible is really beneficial to white Christians, why would the Jews ever allow us to have it?” He went on to elaborate: “If the Bible is so readily available, why wouldn’t we at least suspect that the Jews have tampered with it?”

Very good questions.

Some years ago, I did a little research. I checked into the names of the board of directors of the major Christian publishing houses and Bible publishing houses. Would you like to guess what sort of, um, ethnicity is represented on every single one of those boards?

Ah, yes….it must be because they are the Chosen Ones, and bring a perspective to the Johnny-Come-Latelys of Christianity. Even though they openly admit they hate and revile Christ the Lord, we should give them a hand in editing and approving our holy book. Makes sense, sure.

To the churchians who will squeal at these observations….are you that sure that your bible hasn’t been tampered with? Adulterated? Tainted? Skewed?

If it’s such a dangerous book to the devil and his children, why is the Bible so easily available?

I’m sure I’m just being paranoid.

Happy Mid-Terms, people.

~ Kirk


  1. white · November 8, 2018

    I’m open to the idea. When/where has the Bible been tampered by them? Or are you refering to the non-KJV versions?


  2. Kirk Forlatt · November 8, 2018

    My post was merely intended to provoke thought.


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