Whites seem congenitally unable to understand that they are being targeted because they are white, not because they are “Christian.” People like Jim Goad are making this point with some regularity. No one gets fired because they’re Christian. Christians are allowed to broadcast on tv, radio, the internet, and in any other medium they choose. And this is tolerated. Doesn’t that tell you something?

On the other hand, people get fired and get their lives ruined because they are white and because they refuse to roll over and commit suicide. White Christians cannot fathom this.

White Christians cannot fathom this.

Christians say they believe in eternal life, but their actions betray their true beliefs. They are afraid this life is all there is, so they cling to it and protect it even when they should be fighting. Most white Christians will put up their hands if Orcs break into their homes and threaten their families. The old “maybe the crocodile will eat me last” schtick.

The thing is, we’re in danger of being exterminated. “We” being white people.

A particular species — the gray wolf, for example — may at some point go extinct. Such species are probably unaware that their numbers are dwindling and that another species is out there, hunting them and bent on their destruction. What they do is live their lives, protect their mates and cubs, patrol their land, kill, eat, sleep, and watch.

What they do not do is stand passively when something or someone threatens something precious to them. Creatures like the wolf will throw themselves completely into battle when this occurs, heedless of whether they lose their own lives.

“Are you saying we should be suicidal and self-destructive, Kirk????” they all shrieked in unison.

Never mind, churchyboys. Go sing your hymns. I’m sure it’ll all work out. At least you can tell yourself that you’re more pious than the unwashed Yellow Vesties in France.

~ Kirk

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