Happy Columbus Day

C Columbus

Remember to look around you today, at this American world in which you live, and note that the ignorant, violent, bestial savages around you are very little changed from the time the great explorer Columbus set sail.

Remember that the benefits you enjoy flow directly from the God-given talents and efforts of men like Columbus, Western European men. None of them are traceable to the infantile pawings of the nonwhite races.

Christopher Columbus would have killed any of today’s pastors had he encountered them. He would have seen them as dangerous and malign as any painted, spear-toting red man.

Never forget your heritage. The forces of evil are trying even now to rewrite and to obliterate your history. You may not be able to prevent them from toppling a statue in the park, but you can prevent them from erecting one in your heart.

In your heart, be forever defiant and unbowed. Play the game you have to play, but never let your heart and mind be taken captive, especially by the parasites called pastors. They will teach you to hate your heritage if you allow them.

Happy Columbus Day!

Living in the Myths of Thyme


Me: I’d rather live in a region boasting of 100% non-Christian white people than in an area with 50% nonwhite Christians and 50% white Christians.

Earnest Churchian: But surely you’d rather live in a Christian community! What if the nonwhite Christians were remarkably devout and pious and godly and moral?

Me: Show me these mythical holy nonwhite Christians of whom you speak. Show me one community where I can see and observe them firsthand. None of this “the church in China and Africa is thriving” thirdhand shit. Show me.

Earnest Churchian: I will pray for you, and that you repent of your hatred, your pride, and your contentiousness.



Whites seem congenitally unable to understand that they are being targeted because they are white, not because they are “Christian.” People like Jim Goad are making this point with some regularity. No one gets fired because they’re Christian. Christians are allowed to broadcast on tv, radio, the internet, and in any other medium they choose. And this is tolerated. Doesn’t that tell you something?

On the other hand, people get fired and get their lives ruined because they are white and because they refuse to roll over and commit suicide. White Christians cannot fathom this.

White Christians cannot fathom this.

Christians say they believe in eternal life, but their actions betray their true beliefs. They are afraid this life is all there is, so they cling to it and protect it even when they should be fighting. Most white Christians will put up their hands if Orcs break into their homes and threaten their families. The old “maybe the crocodile will eat me last” schtick.

The thing is, we’re in danger of being exterminated. “We” being white people.

A particular species — the gray wolf, for example — may at some point go extinct. Such species are probably unaware that their numbers are dwindling and that another species is out there, hunting them and bent on their destruction. What they do is live their lives, protect their mates and cubs, patrol their land, kill, eat, sleep, and watch.

What they do not do is stand passively when something or someone threatens something precious to them. Creatures like the wolf will throw themselves completely into battle when this occurs, heedless of whether they lose their own lives.

“Are you saying we should be suicidal and self-destructive, Kirk????” they all shrieked in unison.

Never mind, churchyboys. Go sing your hymns. I’m sure it’ll all work out. At least you can tell yourself that you’re more pious than the unwashed Yellow Vesties in France.

~ Kirk

Frame Rate


It’s so insidious, isn’t it?

We live our lives vicariously through movies. Yes, even you.

The ultra-serious chemical engineer with whom you attend church? There are certain movies he watches when he needs an emotional or spiritual booster shot.

The pedantic nerd whom everyone calls “Pastor” or “Reverend?” He can recite all the dialogue in two or three favorite movies, the ones he relies on to refocus when reality begins to erode his sense of self.

Generations ago, young people were cautioned about wasting their time reading novels. “Fiction is not real life. It dissipates the soul.” But no one warns anyone about movies. Oh, certainly, certain types of movies are verboten, at least officially. But to proscribe watching movies in toto would be like requiring ruffled collars and silk knee hose on businessmen. It’s simply not going to be done. By anyone.

Pastors love movies.

I know a pastor who has watched every Daniel Craig James Bond movie ever made. He knows those movies better than he knows the book of Ephesians. I know a pastor who has watched the Narnia movies repeatedly through the years the way Rocky runs up steps or chases chickens (did you enjoy the movie reference?). I know a pastor who confided to me that he considers the Cruise/McGillis love scene in Top Gun to be one of the most beautiful moments in cinematic history. Yes, he really did.

Can you imagine the movies that top the favorites lists of people like Tim Keller, or Doug Wilson, or John Piper? It is to barf.

The thing about movies is that they affect the way we live our lives. Men now see themselves not as individual souls in the battle of life, but rather as the stars of their own live movie. Men see camera angles on themselves. They anticipate plot developments. They see themselves through how other people are looking at them, watching them. They have soundtracks for certain moods, and hissing interior silence for others.

Men do not question or even think about the fact that they have ceded their own lives to some director or directors they’ve never met. Directors they’ll never meet.

Men watch movies and immediately become the protagonist, especially if he’s dangerous or edgy or an antihero. Curiously, they never see themselves as the bit-part player who portrays the janitor or the clerk. No, the guy watching the movie is always the star of his own movie.

Why are movies so easily available but the chance to see a great opera or symphony is a challenge? How many hours in your lifetime have you spent watching movies? Oh, to have those hours back…

~ Kirk

The Book of (((Ruth)))


Prayer is never more efficacious than when it’s appropriate. And this is an appropriate prayer:

O God of Justice,

Hear now this prayer, this holy entreaty that you would take the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. You granted her a season of life, and she has used her time in this world and in this age to seek and cause harm to my people, to bring about the destruction of our culture, our beliefs, our physical lives, and our heritage.

Strike down this woman, whose heart is so clearly revealed in her countenance, O Ancient of Days. Cast her away from the living and into the realm of the dead. And raise up a replacement on the United States Supreme Court, a replacement as far removed is as the east is from the west, a replacement who will judge justly and righteously. 

Send your angel of death to Ruth Bader Ginsburg this very night, O God. Let her be removed from the face of the earth, and let her deeds be buried in the dust of time, and let her legacy be as ashes and spiderwebs. 

May You be glorified in the utterance of this prayer, which is offered in the name of Him Whom the Jews hated and put to death.


~ Kirk

That Which Is Allowed


Ah, the midterm elections….

Someone once said to me, “If voting made any real difference at all, the wicked ones who are in power would never, ever allow us to vote.” I suspect he had a point.

Jaded as I am, I still allowed myself to get caught up in the desire to see Hillary Clinton defeated and humiliated. I went to bed on Election Night believing that Mr. Trump had lost the election, and I awoke the next morning awash in dread. I can still remember how it felt to learn that Donald J. Trump would be my next President, and that the ugly hag had been cast down.

But in the two years since then, I have regularly chastised myself for allowing myself to hope. Bombings in Syria, the Wall not built, praising the perfidious Jews constantly, the Wall not built, physical attacks on those on the Right and the Alt-Right unanswered, the Wall not built, the Muller masquerade dragging on and on, the Wall not built, the disgrace of what was done to Justice Kavanaugh and not a soul prosecuted or even indicted, the Wall not built, the swamp undrained, the Wall not built, Clinton and Comey and so many others still not indicted, the Wall not built, let’s move the capital of the place they call Israel to Jerusalem, but let’s not build the Wall. Oh, and let’s not forget the caravan. The caravan that’s moving inexorably north towards our wall-less southern border. Lots of tough talk about telling the troops to consider rock-throwers as equivalent to rifle-aimers….but….Mr. Trump also said we’re building tent cities for the invaders. Tent cities on our soil. This means he’s already decided to let them cross the border onto our soil. And we’re to believe that they won’t be staying?

No, sorry. I don’t think I want to get fooled again. There is no wall. There will be no stopping the caravan of invaders. The words are just words. They mean nothing. I won’t watch or listen to the midterm election results. I simply don’t care anymore.

But hell’s bells….just look at me digressing! Someone once said to me, “If voting made any real difference at all, the wicked ones who are in power would never, ever allow us to vote.” And you know what that reminds me of? It reminds me of something a friend of mine said to me today. He said, “If the Bible is really beneficial to white Christians, why would the Jews ever allow us to have it?” He went on to elaborate: “If the Bible is so readily available, why wouldn’t we at least suspect that the Jews have tampered with it?”

Very good questions.

Some years ago, I did a little research. I checked into the names of the board of directors of the major Christian publishing houses and Bible publishing houses. Would you like to guess what sort of, um, ethnicity is represented on every single one of those boards?

Ah, yes….it must be because they are the Chosen Ones, and bring a perspective to the Johnny-Come-Latelys of Christianity. Even though they openly admit they hate and revile Christ the Lord, we should give them a hand in editing and approving our holy book. Makes sense, sure.

To the churchians who will squeal at these observations….are you that sure that your bible hasn’t been tampered with? Adulterated? Tainted? Skewed?

If it’s such a dangerous book to the devil and his children, why is the Bible so easily available?

I’m sure I’m just being paranoid.

Happy Mid-Terms, people.

~ Kirk

Rust-Proof Undercoating


Politicians love to answer direct questions with weasel-words like, “I’m glad you asked me that question, Bernard. But let me just say this first….” And then we all settle in while the politician dives into a long monologue about anything BUT the question’s content.

Know who else does this? Hint, hint….he gets paid to write pep talks while you work for a living. He keeps you enslaved to the Gerber’s babyfood he dishes up while claiming to equip you as a saint.

But pastors don’t wait to be asked questions. They do the weaseling from the pulpit, where there’s no danger of them being challenged or interrupted.

“I’m sure most of you have heard about the caravan of migrants headed up towards the U.S. border. And I’m sure there are many different opinions and many different concerns among you on this topic. But let me just say this: our Lord tells us that His kingdom is not of this world. And if we’re members of His kingdom, what should we be concerned with? Why, sharing the gospel, of course! Turn with me in your bibles if you will to the book of….”

These men are pansies. They have their congregations convinced that they’re “taking a stand” and “telling it like it is.” What they’re doing is feeding off of you. They’re parasites. Worse, they’re hirelings. They will NOT lay down their lives for the sheep. Hell, they won’t even risk their 401K’s for the sheep.

You are wasting emotional and spiritual calories on these huckters, these pansies. You do not need them in your life, Christian. Your Father has promised to write His laws on your heart…they’re already there. He has declared plainly that you don’t need anyone to teach you because you have His spirit within you.

So why do you keep paying the (probably exorbitant) salary of a pansy who is the spiritual equivalent of rust-proof undercoating?


Might As Well Say It


‘Sblood, but you will not hear me….”

~ Iago in Shakespeare’s Othello, Act 1, Scene 1

Sometimes I torture myself by reading various blogs and their comments sections.  The comments section is the most valuable part of some blogs; on others, the comments undermine and distract the message being attempted by the blogger.

This morning, while scrolling through the comments on a blog post in which the fecklessness of modern Christianity was being discussed, I noticed this conversation-stopping remark:

Well, don’t forget that Jesus was a Jew.

The eyes cross, the breath leaves the body in a bitter sigh….

After digesting that comment and the predicable back-and-forth that followed it, I was tempted to write a comment of my own. Then I decided to instead write a post here. And then I scrapped both ideas.

Time was, I would have attacked me some presuppositions. I would have demonstrated some erroneous information, some false statements, some faulty reasoning, and then I would have laid out my case.

But why? I mean, no one really cares, anyway. Most of us read blogs either to (a) find something that concisely articulates what we already believe or (b) find something against which we can rage and to which we can point as evidence of the nearness of the apocalypse. Logic doesn’t matter, rhetoric doesn’t matter, fact doesn’t matter, truth doesn’t matter. What matters is that we agree with X, and/or that Y agrees with us.

So the days of even considering a systematic refutation of what someone else writes are over…they have gone down in the West. I don’t do it anymore.

But what I will do is simply say what my instinct, my spirit, dictates. And on this issue of Jesus being a Jew, here’s what my spirit says:

Based on my adult lifetime of reading, research, conversations, and meditations on this topic, I do not for one minute believe that Jesus of Nazareth was a Jew, if “Jew” means “a member of the same tribe to which Steven Spielberg and Smealy Boteach and Golda Mier and Harvey Weinstein and Bill Maher belong.” I do not believe that He was a member of a tribe that I believe historical record shows are Babylonian Talmudic Pharisees, a troublesome mixed multitude that for various self-advantageous reasons embraced the Hebrew religion long ago.

But….I could be wrong.

And if I am wrong, then I absolutely and deliberately reject Him and any connection to Him.

I will not and cannot show reverence to — much less bow the knee to and adore — a member of a group that my own highly-trusted instinct says are a collection of vile, repugnant, destroying parasites. There are no exceptions. If Jesus is one of them, I want nothing to do with him.

If I am to be cast into a vast barbecue pit and tortured for all eternity because my finite and flawed human mind cannot separate the concept of Jewishness from the Susan Sontags and Rahm Emmanuels of the world, then so be it. If God loves those vermin more than He loves me and my people (and it seems that He just might….after all, who has all the visible blessings and advantages in this world?), then so be it. I reject Him as well.

If God Himself appeared to me at this moment in a burning bush or a burning bagel and intoned, “Yes, the Hebrew people of whom you have read are the ancestors of today’s Jews, and my beloved Son is one of them, and you must worship Him,” I would spit and turn my back on Him and become the most consistent fucking Odinist the world has ever seen. To accept and worship a Jew as my Savior and King would be akin to forgiving and befriending a nigger who tried to rape my sister.

This is not a tantrum, and anyone who suggests that it is can go fuck themselves in the same dank corner of the internet where the cucked evangelicals and  Israel Firsters congregate. This is the plain, bare, undiluted truth. I have sought God through a relationship with His Son all of my life since I was eleven years old. If He exists, then He knows the sincerity of my heart. And the sincerity of my heart is this: I cannot and will not worship a Jew (see my above definition). I may be wrong, but if so,  I am sincerely wrong. This is in contrast to the pew-sitting churchcucks of today, who have no fucking idea what they believe or why they believe it, if some seminary boy didn’t spoonfeed it to them.

So much of what is wrong with men today, with Western civilization today, with the Christian world today, can be traced to a pathological fear of getting in trouble. “Better not say that. Better not read that. Better not even think that. Because you might get in trouble.”

Well, so be it. If God’s favored people are or ever were the hook-nosed Talmud crowd… and if Jesus is a member of that bunch…then I’m already in trouble, because I hate those motherfuckers with every ounce of me. I will never recant. I will never back down. Even if being truthful sends me to a pit of undying flame.

And by the way….many of those who would be outraged by what I’ve written here are apparently un-outraged at Robert E. Lee’s relative’s recent slimy, faggoty denunciation of General Lee and his heritage. All those fat, pasty, open-mouthed gerbils with their stentorian denunciations of anyone who disagrees with their denomination’s distinctive doctrines….ah, yes, they’re so fucking proud to be Southern. And yet they have nothing to say at a time like this. All those “conservative” Christian and kinist websites are so, so silent about this. Why so silent, Conservative Christian Crowd?

They’re the same crowd who have called some of us names because we have said admiring things about the Alt-Right lads. They’re silent now because they’re ashamed. They know the Alt-Right lads will fight. And they know they won’t. Not even when Robert E. Lee is besmirched.

They’re affluent, pudgy cowards, the lot of them.

image (1)

But I’ll bet they’ll have plenty to say about me denouncing Jew Jesus.

~ Kirk

Thank you, Z-Man Readers!

A humble “thank you” to the readers of the Z-Man’s excellent blog who emailed me recently and sent messages via Gab.

A frequent (and by “frequent” I mean nauseatingly obsessive) commenter over at Z-Man took issue with a perfectly sane and rational comment I left there recently. His barbs aimed at me started off rude and ended up juvenile. I made one reply to him and left the sand box to the little boy in short britches.

I was surprised over the last two days to receive the aforementioned emails and messages from regular Z-Man readers. Every single one of them agreed with my comment AND supported my private assessment of this particular comment as a boor and a bore.  “He hijacks every single thread. Every single time,” wrote one. “I have lerned [sic] to scroll past anything [the commenter] writes because it’s almost never helpful.” Another told me, “This guy is just venom and snark….no depth…I don’t know why Z-Man tolerates it….if anyone is begging to be banned it’s [the commenter-.”

Yes, and see, that’s why I rarely comment on blogs unless the post was particularly outstanding OR, as is so often the case at Severian’s Rotten Chestnuts blog, particularly devastating in its hilarity and keen wit. I don’t ever want to be tedious, especially on someone else’s blog. The guy in question — and any regular Z-Man reader will easily recognize who we’re talking about — is petty and obnoxious, and he detracts in every way from that fine website.  But Z-Man knows what he’s doing, and for the time being, we have to suffer (and scroll past) the clown’s inane keyboard rantings.

So again, thank you to those who contacted me. I’m gratified and honored that some of you have become regular readers at this ramshackle little exit ramp. Cheers, my friends!

~ Kirk