I think the ice is beginning to crack under my feet…

The manager of the office where I work, a Karenbitch prototype if ever there was one, said today in my presence that the owners of the firm are “super-excited” that the Covid vaccine is fast approaching. According to Her Boil-Bottomed Bitchness, all of us are going to be required at some point to receive the vaccine.

Here’s the thing. I ain’t taking it.

I’ve thought long and hard about this, ever since Trump started his drive towards getting one approved. And I’ve concluded that I am NOT letting anyone put that shit into my body.

I can’t express it any better than Yard Sale of the Mind did in this excellent post:

[quote] I will not be taking any COVID vaccine for many years, if ever, and recommend no one take it, either. Because:

  • If it were possible to create effective vaccines against constantly mutating airborne respiratory viruses, we’d all get a one-time flu & cold shot and be done with it. Big Pharma would be highly motivated by the billions they would make on such a vaccine, if it were possible to make it. But we don’t, and nobody has done it. I will believe it when I see it, as in, years of evidence from disinterested parties.
  • Effectiveness and side effects will not be known for many months, probably several years. Beware rush jobs when billions of dollars stand to be made by them.
  • I will not allow our clearly corrupt government to decide for me what I have to do for my health. They don’t care about the 123K people killed by the lockdowns so far; why now so concerned with me and mine?
  • Finally, COVID is such a ridiculous low risk disease for me and anyone even moderately healthy, the idea that I’d need to take any steps at all beyond what one should take for the flu is Orwellian insanity.

Also for the record, I am not anti vax. I’m anti rushed, needless, government and big pharma mandated vaccines that stand to make some people much richer and are designed to humiliate into compliance anyone who dares flip them the bird.

Consider the bird flipped. [close quote]

The problem, though, is that I’m almost certainly going to lose my job. This is no small matter at my age, which is almost Social Security-eligible. I have no formal education, and the chances of me being able to recover from a sudden sacking is, shall we say, not promising. This financial hardship will cause severe strain in my family. My daughters have been telling me for months that I’m being paranoid and unreasonable. If I take a stand and get fired because I refuse the needle, this will only get worse. It’s not a small consideration.

If you’re in the workforce, you might start thinking these things through. ‘

As Theoden put it in The Two Towers, “How did it come to this?”

Dinesh D’Souza

Just discovered One America News and am enjoying it. I don’t trust ANY media outlet. Hell, I don’t even trust my own blog. But I take small pleasures where I can, and so…I’ll keep checking them out.

While I’m writing this, OAN has a young lady hosting a show called “The Tipping Point. She’s interviewing Dinesh D’Souza and treating him with all the respect the neocons have always granted this third-rate sand jogger.

It was D’Souza who got the great Sam Francis memory holed. Don’t ever forget that. And don’t ever let the self-aggrandizing D’Souza forget it. He’s a huckster, a dark-skinned grifter who preys on White people and their weak altruism.

Plus….LOOK at him. Jesus God, he is not aging well. D’Souza looks like the guy who cleans the chutney slushy machine down at the Quik E Mart. His life of ease seems to be eating him up from the inside.

But he’ll be okay. Once he falls out of favor in consoivative political circles, he can give speeches at evangelical churches. They’ll pay him. So he’ll sing their tune. Win-win. Symbiosis. Disco.

Finally…some good news!

Ding, dong, the bitch is dead.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg has departed this life and descended into the bowels of Hell. May she suffer without surcease.

And may all the Republicans and neo-cons currently heaping praise on her withered, hateful corpse go fuck themselves.

Sky King


Today marks two years since Richard Russell , known in our thing as Sky King, made his final departure. This young man was symbolic of so much of what our people face in this insane world.

The gents over at Counter Currents put up a nice tribute to Mr. Russell. I highly recommend you read it and think through the implications of what happened two years ago.

Please don’t let the world forget Mr. Richard Russell. He was one of ours.

Worthless Christians

A friend sent me an item from Twitter, showing a group of BLM morons disrupting a church service, berating the members, and assaulting at least one.

The churchycucks’ reaction? “Jesus loves you.”

Yeah. Sure He does.

This is one more reason why the institutional church is on the way out. People watch this  anti-white insanity, listen to grown men say “Jesus loves you” to the fools who clearly hate Christ, and they wonder, “Why would I want to be a part of that?”

Why didn’t just one white man in that church ask the BLM goons, “Name me one muslim mosque you’ve disrupted in this manner”? Because he might have gotten shoved or called names. Clearly, none of the white men in that church trust Jesus enough to trust Him with their physical safety.

And I love the comments on the Twitter feed. “Someday, they’re gonna mess with the wrong church.” Uh-huh. Someday. Someday the First Church of Badassery will rise up and set things straight. Sure it will.

If you’re still a part of the institutional church, you are committing treason against the One you claim as your king. The leaders do not feed you and they will not protect you. If you can’t see this…if you think being a member of their little sewing circle will stand you in good stead with the Almighty, well….I hope you enjoy groveling at the feet of your new masters. I hear they wear really fancy tennis shoes.


Fell Deeds Awake

War is upon us.

It’s no longer a matter of if, or even when. It has arrived.

The only question — a question that can only be resolved individually and specifically — is “When will my particular first battle arrive?”

For some, their first battlefield will be their last. For some, a long campaign will be necessary. The din of battle is not fatal, though. What is deadly is fooling one’s self into believing that the war will not come nigh unto one’s own house.

If you are the sort who can look at the riots, the looting, the destruction, the calls for overthrow and reparations, the ramped-up brutal and random attacks on white people in America and think, “Well, things will calm down at some point, probably after the National Guard is called in,” then you may stop reading and go back to reading your NASCAR blog or watching whatever sport is being televised right now.

There are certain things you must do. You must do them now. Even if you have made no preparation, you can start now. Quick action may yet save you. Or your children. Or your grandchildren, if you’re old enough to have any.

Buy extra food, preferably calorie-dense, nonperishable food, every time you are out in public. Do not use a discount card, or a club card to make your purchases. Such purchases are being tracked, and info is never gathered for no reason. Food shortages are coming this summer. We will start seeing some serious shortages very soon. You do not want to be talking to your family and using phrases like “I wish we’d stored more extra food.”

Buy as much ammo as you can for the weapons you own. This may be too late already, depending on where you live. Do NOT use your ammo for practice. If you own firearms and do not already know how to use them and do not already have their sights dialed in properly, you’re already fucked. Now is not the time to announce to the world that you own firearms by going out to the woods or to a public range and blasting away. Save your ammo. Your life and your family’s life are going to depend on it in the coming season.

Build the best first-aid kit you can. No need to go into it here…you should already know what you need. Stop at several different dollar stores and build your supplies. Be sure to buy other things along with the medical supplies so as not to stand out in a clerk’s memory.

One thing you should buy at dollar stores is knives. For five bucks, you can buy two sets of steak knives and three sturdy paring knives with sharp tips. Forget spending a hundred dollars on some fancy blade you read about on a prepper site. You should already have a decent fixed-blade and folding knife. The dollar store knives are for fighting. Stash them all over your house in places you’ll remember. Beside or over every exit/entrance is a good place. Hang or tape on inside each shower. Under your car seats. All you need is a blade with a decent handle and a sharp tip. You may need these to kill someone trying to attack you or your family.

Buy or find videos and books by Tim Larkin on the Target Focus Training method of inflicting injury on human beings. Martial arts are a waste of time, even if you’ve studied them for decades. Methods like Larkin’s are realistic, and can be learned very quickly and applied by a woman or an elderly person. Learn about human anatomy, how the human body reacts to a given injury (and it ALWAYS reacts predictably in real life). Every time you step out of your car or your home, be ready to kill someone, because someone out there is ready to kill you. Because you have white skin and you are their devil.

Get maps of your local area and study them carefully. Have several alternate escape routes memorized, and make sure your family knows them like they know their own phone numbers.

Develop an ultra-secret duress code for use with your family. A word or two-word phrase that is highly unusual but that would not draw attention if someone heard you speak it into a phone. For example, you might make up an imaginary cat, and the phrase, “Did Abercrombie throw up her food again?” would communicate to the person to whom you’re speaking “I”m in trouble and I can’t talk. Danger is here. Try to find me or help me, but be careful.” When you decide on your duress code, write it on a piece of paper. Show it to each person in your family while you are outside, away from ANY electronic devices. Shush them before you show it to them and make them understand that the word/phrase is NEVER to be spoken aloud to ANYONE in ANY circumstances except if they are in danger and need to alert the family of this. Once you’ve taught the duress code to all your people, destroy the piece of paper and never write it down again. If you must talk about the code (to remind a child whose forgotten it, etc.) go outside, take no cellphones with you, and whisper it directly into the person’s ear, and then reemphasize all the above precautions and warnings.

Have a solid plan for what you’ll do if one of your loved ones calls you and uses the duress code. Discuss this if necessary, and again, do it outside, away from electronics, etc. Mouth-to-ear contact.

Decide right now what you believe about eternal things. If you believe there is no afterlife, that’s fine. You may act accordingly, and you may still take a few of the bastards out if they ever attack your family. If you believe in God, think  long and hard about WHAT you believe. Is your life so precious that you’d do anything to prolong it? Or do you believe that fighting and dying well will please your God, and that you may be rewarded for brave conduct in the next life? Get these things settled in your mind now. Being fearful of losing one’s life because this is all there is, or because you don’t know what you believe is an enormous handicap. The strongest warrior is the one who sees death as just one more experience that he must endure in order to proceed on to the next adventure. The weakest man is the one who thinks he can bargain with his attacker and prolong his life long enough for the police to show up and rescue him.

You are on your own. You can rely on no one except those you’ve ALWAYS been able to rely on, and their number is very small, isn’t it?

War is here. You are in danger, because you are white. Start preparing TODAY. You are not guaranteed a tomorrow. Or even another hour.

Genocidal AF

Been too busy for some time now to blog, or even to read many blogs. Marrying off two daughters within two months can do that to a man.

Read a post about race and the current goings-on over at a great blog recently, really enjoyed it. Then I read the comments. One of the commenters was the quintessential normie. He was shocked shocked that anyone thought black people are problematic. He ticked all the boxes in his comment. Race isn’t the problem, culture is (as if culture just boils up out of the ground like lava). Lots of black people are just like us (sure they are). I don’t care if my grandchildren look like me or Caesar from Planet of the Apes (because you have no sense of your own identity or your own child’s worth). If you don’t want blacks living next door to you, you clearly want to murder them all with your own hands (ignoring the clear differences between white-on-black violence and black-on-white violence). He mocked any allegiance to heritage and insisted that a love of heritage leads to genocide.

His words were enough to jar me loose from my apathy about blogs, so I posted a reply to him. Among the things that I told him was that IF all the blacks in America were genocided (a big, big “if”), I wouldn’t really give a flying fuck. Naturally he (and probably some of the other readers) interpreted this as “Kirk wants black people genocided.”

Fine. I’m not going to play the backpedaling game, cos I have nothing to backpedal from. Anyone who read what I wrote could see that I didn’t call for genocide. I simply said that if every black person in America — or on earth — were to suddenly die or disappear or get raptured, I would not be able to give one percent of one shit. But such a sentiment gets normies squealing like weiners on a barbecue. How dare I say such a thing?

Well, it’s like this. Right now, there’s a little African girl in a village somewhere who’s dying of AIDS, or hepatitis, or some other disease that’s not her fault. I don’t know her, I’ll never know her, and I don’t have time to want to know her. Her approaching death is nothing to joke about, but on the other hand, I really don’t care. Because I don’t know her. And because she’s not one of my family. Not one of my friends. Not a member of any group I care about.

Right now, there’s an elderly Indian man lying in the filth in the streets of Calcutta, and he’s going to die right there among the rats and the spittle and the garbage. His death is very sad in human terms, but I really don’t care. I cannot help him, I cannot help his people, and I am not inclined to try.

Right now, there’s a little Irish girl who is watching her older brother make explosives in the family bathtub. Her brother’s inattention is going to cause her death (and his), and it’s unjust and it’s tragic, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I am not responsible for her life or her death.

If a man professes to be a Christian and yet doesn’t provide for those of his own household, he is worse than a pagan satanist atheist multilevel marketing guru. He’s scum. What if he DOES focus on helping all kinds of other people and families, but lets his own family starve? He’s scum. He’s no Christian. If he focuses on protecting and feeding and guiding his own little flock instead of fixating on countless people he cannot help (many of whom do not WANT his help), is he a bad person? Of course not. He is doing his duty to his family and to his God.

So why should I give a damn about black people in America? Because their ancestors were slaves? Well, let’s talk to the descendants of the Irish slaves. Let’s talk to those whose forefathers were treated like cattle by their musloid captors. No, the slavery legacy and it’s alleged guilt-effect doesn’t work with me.

Why should I give a damn about black people in America? They have every advantage that my people will never have. And my people are the ones paying the taxes, supporting the infrastructure, obeying the laws, and doing without so that some stupid worthless fucking jogger can get a skollahship to go bounce a ball and make millions of dollars, while white business owners are mocked and ridiculed simply for having white skin and a naive sense of altruism and fair play.

Blacks contribute, per capita, almost nothing to the country my people built. They are parasites. Criminal, dangerous parasites who deplete the resources and then demand more. They murder and rape and loot and destroy with abandon, because they are not like white people, and they never will be. They’re been emancipated for how long? And they’ve done exactly WHAT with the time? Look at the Vietnamese and Chinese immigrants who come here and can’t even speak the fucking language, and within one generation are prosperous business owners, and then tell me how much I owe black people.

So yeah, if blacks were genocided tomorrow, I would be happy. They contribute nothing good to this country, and they make it a pretty shitty place to live whenever they make up more than 10% of the local population. Do I have the desire or the inclination or the intention to off some of them myself? Nope. And I denounce myself for smiling at the suggestion. Do I hope someone else will do the job? Yeah, I pretty much do.

The evil bastards who run the show will never let me have free association. If I try to run from the blacks and other strangers, the law will track me down and MAKE me live with them. I’m supposed to think this is a good thing? I’m supposed to enjoy this? I’m supposed to kneel and smile?

I do not want to kill black people. But since they won’t act like human beings, I hope like hell that someone else does want to kill them. I’ve lived around them my entire life, forced to go to school with them, to work with them and for them, and I am sick of having to pretend that they’re just like my people except for some poor role models at home. I have no use for them. They’re not helping my life or my peoples’ lives one bit.

So why should I give a flying fuck if down the road, some new crazy-ass leader arises and gets a hard-on for the joggers of the world?

Beats me. I can’t come up with a good answer to that one.


The Only Ones

While responding to a comment on one of his recent posts, Z Man made this observation:

I’ve noticed how whites will light up when talking about their black friend, who is really nice and smart. There’s some itch being scratched there. Whites are the only missionary people, so there must be something biological at work.

“Whites are the only missionary people. This is worth pondering. The next time one of your churchian friends starts running his pie-hole about how the church in China or Africa is thriving and booming, ask him how many missions projects these churches have going, and to whom.

The fact is, the only missionary work the Chinese or the Africans do is with and to their own people.

Now, what does this imply?

It implies that they see no burden on themselves to reach out to other races, cultures, nations. It also implies that they do see the burden of missions work as legitimately resting upon white Christians and nations alone.

So do they see themselves as legitimate churches? If so, how do they justify this mindset. If not, why are the churchian gerbils so enthusiastic about their Orc “brothers and sisters in Christ?”


Dindu Vikings


I know a pastor who leads a large metropolitan congregation. His family line traces back to Norway.

Reading the Z Man’s blog recently, I enjoyed in a grim way his descriptions of how the Africans have invaded the once-beautiful country. The description made me think of this pastor, so I decided to call him up.

After the catching-up phase of the chat, I asked the pastor if he’d been back to Norway in recent years, and he said that yes, he had. So I asked him what he thought of his people being supplanted by battalions of Buckwheats. His response was what Ian Fleming would have called “coldly furious.”

“I’m not like you, Kirk” he snapped. “I don’t obsess about race or ethnicity. I care about one thing. Sharing the gospel.”

This is a very common refrain I hear from churchcucks. I just want to share the gospel.

“But what does that mean?” I asked him. “If someone pointed out to you that Presbyterians are, per capita, shown to be more prone to buggering goats than the rest of the population, you wouldn’t find that interesting? Significant? Troublesome? Would you respond by saying that you don’t care who fucks a goat, you just want to share the gospel? What does ‘sharing the gospel’ have to do with the realities of what’s happening to your father’s old stomping grounds?”

“You can fix the blame or you can fix the problem,” he said.

“But how does blathering about ‘sharing the gospel’ solve the problem of your ancestral home being taken over by people who demonstrably hate your people? What does the gospel have to do with your own people being displaced, and hunted and hounded and victimized by the people doing the displacing?”

“Okay, Kirk, I see your schtick. You’re not drawing me into this kind of discussion.” And within a minute, he ended the call.

So this is what you’re up against, You Who Remain In The Pews. These pastors will never stand up for you. They will never tell you the truth. Hell, they can’t even see the truth, much less speak it. They are useful idiots. They are blind men, and if you’re allowing them to lead you, if you’re one of those who keeps insisting that it’s God’s will that you stay subservient to the institutional church, well…enjoy your trip to the ditch. You’re gonna be staying there for a long time.

Paid pastors are worthless parasites. They are not your friend. They are not God’s anointed. They are not holy men, nor are they wise, nor are they special. They are whores. And like whores, they do not love the fools who pay them to fuck them.

Get out of the institutional church. Stop paying these leeches to tell you lies.

Silent Pastors

hoot rat

Remember the Covington Boys? Remember how the pastors and clergy piled on in the immediate aftermath of the incident, calling for the boys to be expelled and even criminally prosecuted? And remember how silent these same pulpiteer parasites were when the facts came out and they realized they’d spoken about a matter before hearing it?

Well, here’s a charming story about three sub-human beasts running a fight club with dementia patients in a Winston-Salem NC nursing home. I want you to read it, and I want you to think about your parents or grandparents being treated like this.

If the three women were white and the dementia patients were black….well, you know the rest of that tired old statement, don’t you? And I’m sure the media will end up referring to the three animals as “Scots-Irish.”

Where is the outrage from the pastors in the USA, or how about just the South? Where are their sputtering pronouncements, their condemnations?

If you are sitting in a pew and paying a tithe so that one of these silent cowards can live a life of ease, reading books for a living while you sweat it out on your job, you are deluded. I was once one of you, so I can say this with authority. Get out from under the phony authority of these popinjays. You do not need them. Gather with friends and fellowship like the early church did. Stop contributing to the professional clergy class. They are worse than useless. They contribute to the weakness and degradation of our people.

Or at the very least, ask your pastor why he’s silent when disgusting crimes like this happen. I’m sure he’ll have a bible verse for you.